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Mosquitos and gnats are common, but not overwhelming. Feel free to pack your own insect repellent, or you’re welcome to use the insect repellent that we have on hand at the lodge.

Since meals will be served in a family-style for all guests, please notify us of any dietary restrictions upon booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Yes! Our store is decorated with many historical items and is a fun place to browse! There are t-shirts and other seasonal gift items available to  purchase for commemorating your trip.

All food, lodging, transportation, and activities are included in the cost of your trip. Tips are not required, but always appreciated. A typical tip for a guide is 15-20%. You may also choose to purchase a t-shirt or gift from the gift shop.

It may vary based on what excursions you want to experience. There are opportunities for beach walks or hiking, but our central lodge buildings are close together and most excursions occur on the boat.

There is an easy 15 min hike with berries to pick along the way, up to a beautiful coastal spot that gives you a panoramic view of the beach, mountain range and cannery. Ask a guide for directions or feel free to blaze your own trail!

All bear viewing takes place from the comfort of our boat, where we are safe. Our guides are trained to understand bear behavior and guests will never be placed in danger.


Be sure to pack layered clothing, boots and a raincoat. We usually experience temperatures between 50-70 degrees May through September, with periods of sunshine, and sometimes wind and/or rain.

We recommend you pack waterproof, knee-high boots (for getting on and off our boats) and sneakers or comfortable walking shoes.

Yes! You are encouraged to bring alcoholic beverages for your party to enjoy.

Yes, as long as the generator is running you are welcome to use any plug in devices. We do not provide hair dryers, but you are welcome to pack your own if you’d like.

As most trips to Snug Harbor Outpost are 2 nights at most, please pack enough clean clothing for the duration of your stay.  If you have an emergency, please let our staff know and we will happily do it for you.

Weather and Access

Travel to and from daily excursions happens by boat. If you are prone to seasickness, you may want to pack a nausea relief medication such as Dramamine, although we will not travel in rough seas.

Yes, chartered flights will be delayed or canceled if there are poor weather conditions (low visibility and/or low ceilings or four foot seas or greater if traveling by boat). We strongly encourage you to buy trip insurance.

The Internet is available for guest use, but not guaranteed due to the remote location. 

Due to our remote location, cell phones don’t usually work unless connected to the internet. Part of the experience is being off the grid.

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