Experiences Embrace Your Inner Frontiersman at a True Alaskan Wilderness Lodge

Bear Viewing

One of Alaska’s premier tourist attractions is in abundant supply at Snug Harbor Outpost. 

Snug Harbor Outpost is proud to offer its guests the chance to experience a remote and wild bear viewing adventure unlike any other in Alaska. Experience close and personal bear viewing at its finest, all from the safety of a boat viewing deck.

Our expert guides take you to Lake Clark National Park, home to one of the most abundant brown bear populations in the world. Here we can view Alaskan bears in their natural habitat, grazing in the rich grasslands near the water’s edge.

Throughout the summer and into late August, our boat tours follow the bears inland to several neighboring rivers and streams as they migrate in pursuit of wild sockeye salmon, coho salmon, and chum salmon.

Bird Watching

Whether you’re coming to see the all-American bald eagle in person for the first time, or want to see puffins in their natural habitat, you’ll want to plan for a bird watching adventure in Alaska! Home to over 180 species of birds, Chisik Island is a Federally protected bird sanctuary where guests can view and photograph bald eagles, horned and tufted puffins, kittiwakes, cormorants, murres, oystercatchers, and eider ducks undisturbed in their natural habitat.

To make your Alaskan bird watching experience that much more unique, we can sail Northeast and visit the protected Duck Island, where numerous species of migratory and local seabirds come to rocky cliffs to nest for the Alaskan summer. A bird-watchers dream!

Salmon & Halibut Fishing

As expected from the Cook Inlet, come experience world-class salmon and halibut fishing – a true fisherman’s paradise! We invite guests of all ability levels to partake in Alaskan tradition and enjoy fishing for the variety of salmon and halibut species native to the area. As every fisherman knows, fish are never guaranteed, but you’ll have an unforgettable experience trying your luck!

We offer full-service, first-class charter fishing experiences for halibut, customizable to accommodate everyone on the boat, from beginner to even the most advanced fisherman. Set out on the stunning blue waters of the Cook Inlet in our state-of-the-art charter boat, guided by our expert charter fishing captains.

Feel like fishing closer to the cannery? Wade in the cool Alaskan rivers fishing for salmon or drop a halibut line off Snug Harbor’s own barge and do some self-guided fishing.

No matter your experience level or preferred fishing method, the fish at Snug Harbor Outpost are waiting for you.


Alaska is a photographer’s mecca, and you’ll find that Snug Harbor Outpost is no exception! Guests will get the opportunity to capture world-class photos at every step of their trip: iconic Alaskan wilderness, wildlife, historic cannery buildings, boating in the Cook Inlet, and of course, smiling faces.

Did we mention that these photo opportunities will always be in small group settings? No crowded tours here! You’ll feel as if you have it all to yourself as you get the chance to photograph one of the most remote and unspoiled environments left on earth; abundant wildlife, spectacular scenic backdrops, glacier-carved landscapes, snow capped mountains, and pristine coastlines.

Clam Digging

Chisik island is home to a 25-foot tidal surge, and when the minus tides are right, we’ll set out on the beaches and tidal flats with buckets and shovels to enjoy a clam digging adventure! A staple activity in any Alaskan trip, adults and children of all ages will have a blast digging for pacific razor clams. Put on your boots and come try your luck!


With the exception of the cannery buildings, Chisik Island is completely undeveloped, untapped, and wild with countless hiking opportunities. Set out with your compass and blaze your own trail, ask one of our guides to show you around, or go out on your own to one of the many hiking trails stemming from the cannery!

One of our personal favorites is a beautiful quarter-mile, 15-minute up-hill hike to a scenic overlook. Experience an unforgettable view of the beach, mountain range, and Snug Harbor Cannery. Did we mention that the trail is lined with berries to pick along the way!?  Grab your bucket to collect your fill of fresh raspberries and blackberries.


With access to prime local kayaking waters like the Tuxedni Channel, Snug Harbor Bay, Crescent River, and Johnson River, unlock your inner adventurer take out one of our kayaks! Go for a guided cruise, rive float, go down the rapids, or take the fly-fishing gear. 

Regardless of your ability level, you’ll enjoy unmatched views of the mountains and wildlife, take a dip in the pristine waters, and enjoy plenty of time to relax.


Guests will have the opportunity to relive history, staying in the original buildings of the early 20th century remote cannery. Tour the cannery, learn the tricks of the canning and fish packing trade for our expert tour guides, and get a sense of what life in a remote Alaskan community was really like.

Learn More About the Cannery

Fossil Point

As if the history and tradition of the cannery itself isn’t enough, guest have the opportunity to visit Fossil Point. Deemed the “Jurassic Park” of Cook Inlet, the 25-foot tidal surges of Fossil Point are constantly exposing fossilized marine organisms from the early middle Jurassic age (145 – 201 million years ago!). The sedimentary rock sections here have created the perfect environment for a rich abundance of fossils to be found.

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