Accommodations Remote Wilderness lodge outfitted with contemporary amenities

The Lodge & Rooms

Combining Modern Comfort with Historic Charm

Our accommodations seamlessly blend modern comforts with early 20th century history. We’ve preserved and reimagined the roots of the 100+ year old cannery’s iconic lodge and living quarters to meet your needs. The rooms of are airy and bright and offer the breathtaking views you’d expect from your stay in the Last Frontier.

Fribrock House – Main Lodge and Bunkhouse

While there are many buildings that make up Snug Harbor Outpost, and you’ll get to enjoy them all, guests primarily will stay in the main lodge and bunkhouse that make up The Fribrock House.

This the historic living quarters of the Fribrock family and early cannery workers. Each of the rooms in The Fribrock House embodies and displays a unique piece of the cannery’s history.

Rooms with Twin Beds

Relive history, but with modern comforts. Guests are invited to stay in the reimagined cannery bunk rooms with two twin beds.

Rooms with Queen Bed

A comfy getaway! The cannery bunk rooms also have queen bed options available to guests. Let us know your preference upon booking.

As The Fribrock House has been restored from its original 20th century layout, and in the truest sense of the outpost’s community, each party staying at Snug Harbor Outpost will have a shared bathroom/washroom with the other members of their party.

While avoided at all costs, occasionally two parties may be required to share one bathroom for their stay. Both parties will be notified in advance and accommodations can be arranged if necessary.

The Store and Bay View Suite

For a small up-charge, families can reserve the private two-sided suite above the Store that sleeps up to eight guests.

Connected by a central bathroom, it features one queen bed, one twin bed, and a futon, and on the other side a queen bed and two twin beds.  It also offers one of the best views of the beach and mountain.

Common Areas

We’ve completely renovated the original Galley and Kitchen of the cannery and this is our primary location for cooking and serving family-style meals.

In addition to bench style seating, we have a Lounge Area for guests to enjoy the fireplace, have coffee, and share adventure stories before, during, and after meals. Socialize with other guests, choose a book from our extensive library of books donated by local fishermen and prospectors throughout the years. Get comfortable with a good book about life in the Golden Age of Salmon.

Guests can browse our Store chocked full of historical Alaskan items and memorabilia, and fossils from Fossil Point. There are also t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other handmade goods and gifts to purchase for yourself or for a friend.

Of course, the Beach is the main attraction of the outpost. Enjoy a game of horseshoes or to sit around the fire pit for some quality time.

The Sauna is a great place to relax and get recharged. Bask in the history as you enjoy a steam in the sauna,  constructed out of reclaimed wood from the original Snug Harbor water supply barrel. Join the “Snug Harbor Polar Bear Club” by jumping in the scenic bay to cool down!

Dining & Cuisine

All family-style meals served at Snug Harbor Outpost are locally sourced and seasonal based on availability. Our Galley and Kitchen has bench seating and long tables.

Available for all guests are three square meals, as well as coffee and snacks throughout the day. We are happy to adjust our menus to accommodate any dietary restrictions in your party upon notice. Please notify Snug Harbor Outpost upon booking with any dietary restrictions.

A sample of meals prepared by our local chefs:


We guarantee that no one walks away unsatisfied from a Snug Harbor Outpost breakfast! Get the fuel you need for your day of adventure with biscuits and gravy, quiche, stuffed french toast, omelettes, waffles, eggs, bacon, oatmeal (with all the toppings!), parfait and granola, fresh berries or assorted cereals.


Take lunch with you on your beach walk, boat ride, photography adventure, or fishing trip! We provide sack lunches for all guests with lunch meat sandwiches or wraps, chips and sides, and a drink.


Fresh fish guaranteed! There’s nothing better than eating fresh Alaskan salmon or halibut for dinner, and our fisherman are more than happy to provide. We also serve prime rib, roast pork loin, beef roast, grilled steaks, or any other available locally sourced meats and vegetables.

MEET Our Staff

The Porter Family is proud to share their slice of Alaskan Wilderness with all Snug Harbor Outpost visitors by providing unique experiences tailored exactly to each guest. They are experienced tour guides, fishermen, photographers, cooks, historians, and friends. Get to know your Alaskan wilderness guides!

willie porter snug harbor outpost

Willie Porter

Snug Harbor Patriarch, Owner

Second generation community member and first generation owner of Snug Harbor, Willie has been spending summers here since he was eight years old. Known as the Patriarch, he’s dedicated to keeping this iconic piece of Alaskan history standing with the support of his family. He also offers an encyclopedic knowledge of the cannery to any inquiring minds.

jennie porter snug harbor outpost

Jennie Porter

Snug Harbor Matriarch, Owner

Jennie, Matriarch of Snug Harbor, has been the driving force behind the Porter family’s operations on Chisik Island and she too has dedicated herself to preserving and sharing the wilderness lodge. In addition to operations, she’s responsible overseeing the commercial set-net site and is your resource for anything Snug Harbor has to offer.

eli porter snug harbor outpost

Eli Porter

Charter Captain and Adventure Guide, Owner

Eli is a third generation fisherman who spent his childhood summers at Snug Harbor with his father, Willie. He is all knowing about the area and outpost and as an adventure guide, he happily shares all of Snug Harbor’s charm, secret spots and hidden gems with guests. He and his wife, Shannon are keeping the tradition alive for their children and look forward to continuing to host guests as a family.

shannon porter snug harbor outpost

Shannon Porter

Operations Manager, Owner

Originally from Montana, Shannon has found her calling in Alaska and in Snug Harbor specifically. She and Eli met in college and, after two years of commercial fishing together, she is proud to be responsible for keeping operations running smoothly behind the scenes for guests of Snug Harbor Outpost.

abe porter snug harbor outpost

Abe Porter

Charter Captain and Adventure Guide, Owner

Abe is also a third generation fisherman, inspired by his father, Willie. His childhood summers at Snug Harbor fueled his desire to share his Alaskan experience with everyone he can. He is one of Snug Harbor’s charter captains with a knack for finding the fish and he, his wife, Mariah, and their daughters are excited to share their “home-away-from-home” with guests.

mariah porter snug harbor outpost

Mariah Porter

Reservations Manager, Owner

Mariah had only planned on being in Alaska for a one year teaching job, but fell in love after living in a remote village called Toksook Bay. Becoming well versed in off-the-grid culture and struck by untapped natural beauty, flash forward six years and she’s now the proud wife of Abe, sharing experiences at Snug Harbor with their three daughters, and all Snug Harbor Outpost visitors.

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