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Sharing Our Home Away from Home

Willie Porter first visited Snug Harbor Outpost at eight years old.

His father paid the cannery owners at the time to borrow and fish their boats. After a day out on the water, Willie and his father brought their catch of salmon and halibut back to Snug Harbor Outpost where they shared with the other families who were staying on the island or anchored off the pier. They cooked, ate, celebrated, and reveled in the haul and from then on, Willie found himself spending his summers at Snug Harbor Outpost.

This summer tradition was passed on to his sons, Abe and Eli, and they, along with many other fishing families, would keep the community in the middle of nowhere alive, becoming a part of a decades-old culture started in the early 1900s when the cannery was operational.

When the cannery became available for sale, the Porter Family knew in their hearts that they could not pass up the opportunity to own the magical place that was so deeply rooted in their family history. Literal blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into Snug Harbor to accomplish their goal of sharing this magical place with others.

Even out in the middle of nowhere, there’s a community here and family that cares deeply about the experience that you’re going to have. Visitors never leave disappointed, truly having seen wild Alaska for all it’s worth.


“Snug Harbor Outpost - Awesome week filled with bears, halibut, sockeye, clams, eagles, fossils and more. Quite the Alaskan adventure for my little family. Thanks to the Porter’s for an excellent trip.”

“I arrived in Anchorage, took a bush plane to Chisik Island. The Porter's met me and we had a 20 minute boat ride to the historic Snug Harbor Cannery. It was built in the early 1900's and idled in the 60's. I spent quite a bit of time touring the cannery and taking photos. Fresh salmon for dinner. Caught out in front of the cannery by the two "set netters" on the site. We went to Duck Island the next day. Puffins, Cormorants, and others by the thousands. Visited fossil point on the way back to the cannery. Fresh fossils are exposed daily with the 25 foot tide wearing down the shoreline. The next day was a trip to the Crescent River to salmon fish. It is wild, beautiful and very remote. A few bears in the distance scattered when we arrived. We returned with salmon and four of us went halibut fishing out in front of the cannery. The third day was a bear watching tour. 16 bears, some very large, some cubs in one 4 hour trip! It's light about 20 to 22 hours a day up there. We were able to play hard, or just relax with a walk on the beach. Several folks went clam digging and were very successful. I relaxed around the cannery. The hosts are very family friendly, courteous, and have nice rooms, and I was able to eat salmon or halibut every night. They also serve regular food. I enjoy the fresh seafood. My room had a view of the stunning blue water in front of the cannery. When I flew out, more guests came in on the same plane. Along with a load of groceries. There was no need to turn my cell phone on while I was there. No reception. It was a wonderful break. I'll be going back.....”

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