Come join us for the ultimate wilderness photography experience. We are located on Chisik Island, in the beautiful Tuxedni Bay of Lake Clark National Park. In this remote area of Alaska you will find a photographer’s paradise in an extraordinary pristine world, far from the crowds.


From June through mid-July enjoy bear viewing at its finest as we travel up Tuxedni Bay and into Horsefly Slough to one of the most abundant Brown Bear populations in the world. Here bears can be seen grazing on the rich grasslands near the water’s edge. Photo opportunities continue to abound in August as we head to several neighboring streams to view bears in pursuit of wild Sockey, Coho and Chum Salmon.


Your experience will include world class photo opportunities in small group settings of 4 to 6 people per viewing area. You will get the opportunity to photograph one of the most remote unspoiled environments left on earth, full of abundant wild life and spectacular backdrops.


Not only do we have some of the best fishing to be found but we have a large variety of species to offer. Literally something for everyone. And although there’s never any guarantee, after all it’s called ‘fishing’ for a reason, we’re confident we can send you home with as much as you’ll ever want. 


Chisik Island has been set aside as a federally protected bird sanctuary. Bald Eagles, Horned and Tufted Puffins, Kittiwakes, Cormorants, Murres, Oyster Catchers and Eider Ducks are all local inhabitants. To the northeast we will visit Duck Island where a vast and varied array of these local sea birds have come to shore to nest for the short Alaskan summer.

living history

Chisik Island is host to one of the few remaining canneries representative of Alaska’s rich fishing history. These old visages hold the wonderful story of our truly last frontier. 

Snug Harbor Outpost offers one of the only opportunities to reach back and experience a by-gone era. Let our expert guides share stories past down by those who actually ‘lived’ this history. 

other attractions

  • Halibut Fishing – For an adventure close to home drop a halibut line into the pristine waters right in front of the cannery.
  • Fossils – Marvel at the abundance of fossils at scenic Fossil Point.
  • Clam Digging – When the tides are right, enjoy a Razor Clam digging adventure on the local tide flats.